How to get to Andros

This is purely an example of an itinerary for a 1 week trip to Andros, just to give you an idea of timings:


1) Flight in from Europe. Arrive early afternoon at Athens International Airport “Eleftherios Venizelos”


2) Outside arrivals look for the bus stop to Rafina:

Departure Point: The bus departs from the bus stop between the Exits 2 and 3 of the arrivals hall (opposite hotel Sofitel).

Ticket price: There are only one-way tickets and cost 4,00 €. You buy your tickets from the bus driver when you get on the bus. Children under 6 years can travel free.

Working hours: The bus is available daily from early morning until about 22:00 in the evening.

Frequency: Buses depart approximately every hour. This journey takes about 30 minutes.

Departure times as of May 2018 seen below. Please note that during the low season there may be a reduction in the frequency of these buses.

Screen Shot 2018-05-19 at 08.58.29

For latest bus times see:

Screen Shot 2016-05-14 at 15.26.27

3) Arrive Rafina around lunchtime 

Generally the boats to Andros will leave once in the morning and once in the evening however during peak season up to five services can run daily to Andros. Tickets can be bought at Rafina from the ticket office of the shipping companies or in advance online. The ticket offices are bunched together and prices will be about 20 Euros each way.


The ticket offices in Rafina


The best website for checking times from my experience is:

Another option:

Rafina has a range of restaurants dotted about the port. Why not try some local seafood or enjoy a coffee while you wait.


Occasionally due to awkward flight times, you may not be able to catch a boat until the next day. In this case either stay in a hotel near to the airport such as Sofitel (however this is very expensive!). Alternativley there are several hotels in Rafina such as as Hotel Avra. My preferred place to stay is Mati, this is 10 minutes from the port and has many different hotels to stay in and has a range of tavernas and other places to eat.

4) Arrive in Andros early evening

Arrive to the island at around 19.30 in to the port of Gavrio. From this point you could always get a coach to the capital of the island Chora if you are staying there, however the easiest option would be to book a rental car in advance (e.g. They will have the car ready for you on arrival of the boat. There is also a taxi rank as you come off the ship if you would prefer.

DAY 2- DAY 6

See my activities blog to get some ideas on how to make the most of your time.


1) Catch a boat back to Rafina from Gavrio, arrive around midday

Departure times vary week-to-week however a rough example would be a boat at 10:15 and 16:30. Again the ferry takes about two hours to sail from Gavrio back to the mainland. During the peak season more ferries will be running giving you more options.

2) Catch a bus back to the airport for late afternoon flight

Depending on your flight time you could either get a taxi to Athens airport (this normally costs about 35 euro) if you are pushed for time or catch the bus to the Airport (4 euro).

Bus departure times as of May 2018 back to Athens airport from Rafina are as follows:

Screen Shot 2018-05-19 at 08.58.29

One other option to get to Andros is to fly to Mykonos. During the summer season a range of airlines fly to Mykonos (companies like Easyjet don’t fly during low season however). On arrival here get a taxi to the port and catch a ferry to Andros. The boat takes about 2 hrs 15 minutes to get to the port of Gavrio on Andros.

The port of Gavrio in Andros

3 thoughts on “How to get to Andros

  1. Excellent advice on how to get to Andros and back. Another option is to fly to Mykonos (often cheaper than Athens flights) and get a ferry up via Tinos.


  2. Thank you for your blog. This is very informative and I’m excited for my trip. I was comparing your information to the ferry times I’m seeing online, and am I correct that on Sundays the earliest ferry off the island is at 2:45pm?

    Liked by 1 person

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