Andros Beaches lowdown

In total there are over 100 beaches on Andros. Recently, Alexandros Gardelis managed to visit all of these and so created an album which you can view here. The full blog for this project is This is the most comprehensive account of the different beaches you can find. Many are remote. If you fancy visiting a beach or two, I have highlighted some of the best beaches in a variety of different categories. See below:

Beaches for escapism:

Achla beach: Located 10km North of Chora. Difficult to get to but worth the drive. A delightful oasis for getting away from it all. You can even rent a cottage in the lush valley that leads to this beach through Onar Andros. This is a hidden gem on the island.


Achla Beach

Pyrgos: This beach is located on the north west of the island. The name pyrgos means tower and refers to the Venetian tower of Makrotantalos that now lays in ruins on a rock above the beach. It is reached by a dirt track road and lies just over the hill from another stunning but quiet beach, Vlychada. The long and winding road to this beach means it is commonly quiet, if not deserted making it great for getting away from it all.


Pyrgos Beach

Vori: Again the drive to this beach is long and convoluted along a difficult dirt road. A 4×4 is ideally required, however the reward at the end is a glorious secluded beach. The beach was used for filming of the film ‘Micra Anglia’ and to the east of the beach is the Semiramis shipwreck; an impressive decaying former passenger boat casting an eerie atmosphere across the surrounding landscape. Not much remains of this wreck unfortunatley as of 2018.


Semiramis shipwreck near to Vori beach


A church hidden in the secluded valley leading to Vori beach

Vori beach

A few other hidden beaches are shown below:


Nera beach near to Palaiopolis


Kalamitsi beach near to Mermigkies


Melissa beach near Ormos Korthiou

Beaches for family days out:

Fellos Beach: A great beach for swimming. Sheltered from the prevalent summer winds (meltemia). A few minutes walk inland from the beach is ‘Tou steki tou Andrea’, a delightful taverna serving top-notch greek food in a wonderful setting. A small playground and a selection of animals make this taverna well suited to young children.


Fellos beach

Vitali Beach: One of my personal favourites. It has a great taverna next to the beach and a beach bar. To the left of the beach are an array of diving rocks which become very popular during the summer months with people wanting to test their nerves.

Vitali Beach

Vitali beach, Andros

Zorgos: A secluded sandy beach with its own taverna and nearby luxury resort at Aegea Blue.




Zorgos Beach from above

Batsi beach: Located right next to the shops & taverna’s on the seafront at Batsi is this very popular beach. Sun-loungers can be rented and the sandy beach is shallow and ideal for families. Does have a tendency to get quite busy during the summer months so not ideal for those looking for peace and quiet.


The bay of Batsi. The beach is seen to the left

Chrissi Ammos: Literally translates to ‘golden sand’. This beach is located on the coast road between Gavrio and Batsi. Clear waters and soft sand make this a favourite with visitors, particularly young Greeks from the mainland. Once again this beach can get very busy in summer therefore avoid if you want a quiet space to relax. During the peak months there is also a DJ playing throughout the day.


Chrissi Ammos

Beaches for windsurfers:

Andros is known for having a consistent level of wind during the summer months making it well suited to this particular pursuit.

St. Peter’s Beach (Agios Petros): See Andros Surf Club for details on how to rent equipment. This is a busy beach during the summer months with a variety of bars and rental outlets.


Kypri: Located close to Batsi this is another great beach with a consistent level of wind making it ideal for windsurfing. Mare Vista hotel offer rental and lessons.

Ormos Korthiou beach: Located to the south east of the island (near Chora) is also popular with windsurfers.


Windsurfing Korthi bay

See the video below for information on Korthi town:

Windsurfing at Kypri

‘Party’ Beaches:

St. Peter’s Beach (Agios Petros): This popular beach is long, sandy and has an array of bars where you can listen to music, lounge in the sun and enjoy a drink or two. It also has a number of hire shops where you can rent a board for SUP/windsurfing. Canoes are also available. This is about as close as Andros comes to some of the more notorious Greek islands famed for their party atmosphere.



Agios Petros beach


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  1. Fellos beach is particularly lovely – and it’s also it’s one of the most sheltered beaches on the island! Be sure to get there early so that you can get some shade under one of the tamarisk trees at the back of the beach.

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