How to climb Mount Kouvara


The summit of Kouvara can be seen to the left of this picture

Kouvara is the largest mountain in Andros with an altitude of 990m. It’s summit has stunning views out across the Aegean Sea. Climbing the mountain is relatively easy from a starting point near to Vourkoti. By ascending the ridge over a four mile route you can reach the summit without needing any real equipment or skills. See this link below for a Strava map of the route:

Kouvara Climb from Vourkoti

An alternative route is to climb up from Palaiopolis. This is however steep and with no clear path therefore not something I would recommend if you want a leisurely walk. To see what this looks like, have a look at the video below of me climbing this route in June 2017:


The starting point (for the easier route up Kouvara) is located near to Vourkoti at the point where a road breaks off heading for Achla beach. There is a large area to park and leave your car. You can get to this location by either heading out of Batsi and passing through Remata and Arni. Alternatively it is a short drive out of the capital Chora. The route through Remata and Arni takes you through some stunning lush green valleys. At the valley bottom in Remata its worth getting out to paddle in the beautiful stream which runs all year round.


A tranquil oasis in Remata

A dirt road starts close to this parking spot ascends all the way to the summit following the ridge. The route up and down the mountain is 8 miles and in total will involve about 1,600ft of climbing. In bad weather it can get very windy so take extra layers. The mountain is best climbed on a clear day so you can appreciate the full extent of the view.


A view from the top


A view towards Gavrio from the summit


The route to the top is easy to follow


For the majority of the route the gradient is quite reasonable


Enjoying the panoramic view from the top with friends


Archaeological dig site at the summit of the mountain

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