Andros for weddings!

In recent years Andros has become a popular destination for weddings, particularly with overseas couples wanting to get married in the Mediterranean for all its benefits such as reliable sunshine, good food, hospitality but don’t want an overcrowded and costly tourism hot-spot.

Click on the link below for a personal account of a wedding in Andros for a couple named Matt and Karen from England:

A wedding in Andros, Greece 2015

In this example the couple used the Aneroussa Beach Hotel as the venue. This hotel is located between two sandy beaches (Delavogia and Agia Marina) and is about 800 meters from Batsi. A handy location as Batsi has a large number of hotels and apartments to house any guests. For example in the wedding mentioned above, half of the 85 guests stayed at the nearby Hotel Blue Bay.

The video below is an account of a Greek wedding between Aggelos & Julia 2013:


An alternative idea for accommodation would be to look at Airbnb and rent a villa (or several) big enough to accommodate your guests.



One thing you can be sure of when choosing Andros for your wedding is that it will deliver a unique experience your guests will remember.





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