Below are a collection of videos from Andros which I have produced myself from exploring the island. This collection is ever expanding and I particularly enjoy hiking and mountain running which gives me access to some of the more remote and unseen areas. Feel free to share/use these videos as you please.


A short introduction to Andros island:

This short video is an amalgamation of footage and gives an overview of why I like the island so much.


Exploring the underground caves ‘Τρύπες’ near to Zorkos beach

Starting from Zorkos beach and walking along Andros Route number 20, you will eventually come to a large hole in the ground. This leads to a stunning cave which looks out over the sea, emerging in the middle of a cliff face.


Kouvara mountain via Palaiopolis village

This challenging hike is a great way to see some of the untouched natural wilderness that Andros possesses.


Arni Village, Andros

A short film taken in October 2017 when walking through the stunning green village of Arni.


Venetian tower of Macrodandalo at Pyrgos

Just up the coast from this tower I also visited a derelict World War II lookout post. This was used by German troops to monitor shipping activity during the war.


The Ancient settlement of Zagora

This ancient settlement near to Stavropeda in Andros has yielded many secrets after a series of archaeological digs over the last 40 years. For more details visit: I accessed the site along route number 7 on the Andros Routes network.


Andros Routes – Exploring route number 14:

For further details on this fantastic walking network visit: For those who enjoy hiking/walking then I would highly recommend doing at least one of the walks during your holiday.


Kleisoura gorge, Andros Island, Greece (Κλεισούρα)

This video is taken in Kleisoura gorge, a remote area on the North of Andros island Greece. It lies between Fasa lighthouse and Peza beach not far from the small village of Ag. Ioannis.


More to follow…….